Innovation driving the Energy Transition

13th November 2018

Energy Transition involves a structural change in the energy system from our existing model to a new paradigm, going well beyond the simple replacement of one source of fuel energy by another. To help meet global climate change goals of… 了解更多信息>


26th October 2018

According to the recently published Global Innovation Index 2018, the gap between low-income economies and middle-income economies has reduced in the past year. Despite public R&D spending around the world still being lower than it was before the global financial… 了解更多信息>


26th September 2018

ECI是英国领先的以增长为重点的私募股权公司,2018年来他们一直投资于商业和金融服务,消费者和TMT领域。 年度调查是一次倾听和学习构成英国经济支柱的企业的机会。 。。 了解更多信息>